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My Personal Experience
I can say that the Reconnection has influenced and changed my life on all levels. For example, here are two tangible results:

Before I received the Reconnection, I felt frustrated and depressed. I had a lot to carry which showed in the tension of my face. During my session of The Reconnection, my underjaw started to move in a very funny way and totally released the tension in my face. Since then, my face has lost all aspects of bitterness and has become soft and gentle. Generally speaking, I now feel young, uplifted and inspired, loving my life deeply from my heart.

After I was given my Reconnection, my 15-year-old daughter, who had been in puberty and full of agression toward me, started to search for connection and closeness.

The Drug Addict
A drug addict in his 40s has never touched drugs again, quit his dodgy job and was offered a good position in his field.

The Cancer Case
After The Reconneciton a client in the final stage of cancer, spontaneously, reached for a phone, called her daughter and was able to clear the relationship and regain peace with her. While dialing the number, she said to me, “Now I know why I have this cancer.” A few days later, she was able to leave this earth in a tranquil state.

The Dying Man
After his first healing, a dying man asked me to come back as soon as possible. “I was able to visit the place were I will soon be. It feels so good and peaceful. I have no more fear of dying.“

The Woman with Eating Disorder
A woman who had lost her appetite and stopped eating was staying in hospital and had to be tube-fed. After only one healing session, she started eating, again.

The Creative Flow
Right after a short healing within a healing circle, a woman artist had such a creative flow that she created several paintings in high speed and with a brilliance and depth she had never before experienced. Some weeks , I gave her a distant healin without her knowing the exact date and learned the same creative flow occurred. Since then, she has even been able to realise her dream of selling many of her paintings.

The Man Frustrated With His Job
A middle-aged man reported that, when he went to his office in the morning after the Reconnection, his boss turned to him and asked, “How come you look so good and alive without having been on vacation?” Before then, he had never felt seen by his boss and was very frustrated with his job. After that, he was given more interesting tasks and has become deeply contented with his job.

General Results
It happens, commonly, that, after a reconnective healing, clients say they feel like they have had a week of retreat.

People report that, after a long period of stress and chaotic thoughts, they were able to breathe and have clear thoughts. Some of them gain the clairity to make major decisions, such as quitting a job or finishing an unhealthy relationship.

People say that, after The Reconnection, they have more vitality, regain joy in their life and that more positive things happen than ever before. Often, things fall into place, easily.

People report that their life has gained a positive flow, they start meeting people with whom they develop a good relationship and who fit their living situation.

It happens, more and more, that, during a very short talk with my clients before the healing session, they can see and understand the background and the core of the issue that is then going to be released during the healing.

"Healing always occurs, to the point that the client gives permission to him- or herself and that the universe provides for a person at this given moment and at a certain level, whether we are aware of it or not."
Eric Pearl


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