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Coaching and Corporate Coaching

As a Coach I am neutral with regard to your private or professional life, so I may serve you and your needs on an objective level. I offer my coaching skills in the fields of:

  • Career planning...finding your goals and visions
  • Stress relief and burnout prevention
  • Relationships, partnerships and sex
  • Work/Life Balance

To filter goals and recognize what supports our development or transformation, what is important for us at any given moment sometimes feels like walking on a path that is too difficult to master or cope with. Sometimes we feel or really are exhausted. Life circumstances can be difficult, tangled. Sometimes it seems to be so important to reach a goal faster than we can do by ourselves.

The pressures of society or business, health problems, mental conditioning, karmic and systemic entanglement, pressures to perform often lead to stress and burn-out. You work more and harder than ever without getting there, have undefined fears or, due to a constant, excessive demand only want one relax, have quietude and get out of the present situation.

To master difficulties in relationships, to live honest, true relationships and partnerships, to find oneself and ones own values are challenging topics of central concern for most everyone.
Separations, divorce, raising children, financial challenges seem to bring us beyond what we think we can cope with.

Work/Life Balance, love towards yourself and life are the most important goals of my coaching and counseling.

I love to support people in living their true essence. I am very successful in working with people on a very personal, sometimes intimate basis and accompanying my clients through their challenges and needs to discover how the so-called faillings can be transformed into successes and achieving goals.

The value, the success and the diversity of my coaching are the result of several components:

  • A deep empathy for people,
  • An intensive and rich life experience,
  • A broad line-up of professional tools that I have gained in vocational training and education in the U.S. and Europe along with my work with mentors and shamans
  • Major experience as both a business and life coach for CEOs and business leaders in leading companies,
  • A clear knowingness and skill in reading information in the morphogenetic field
  • Intuitive use of techniques and tools like NLP, systemic constellations, EFT, Matrix, ritual and shamanic work
  • The Reconnection and Reconnectives Healing
"Everyone is a genius.
Though scoring a fish regarding his skill to climb a tree,
his entire life he will think he is stupid." 

Albert Einstein

 "Our deepest fear is not that we are inadequate.
Our deepest fear is that we are powerful beyond measure."
Marianne Williamson

If you have questions or wish a personal session,
Please contact me >>

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