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NEWSLETTER October 2015

Dear friends,

I will be back in Houston for a few weeks this fall. Come, join, bring friends and family to one of the powerful Healing Circles – The Reconnection and/or book a session with me while I am in the US.

The Reconnection and the powerful Reconnective Healing Frequencies, are a major gift that we are blessed to be given. The opportunity to re-become who we are meant to be and to be reconnected with our essence are a blessing. The deep sense of being at home within and being OK with the way we are supports us in negotiating major challenges in a relaxed way. Stress is transformed into tranquility, a yes and an inner smile.

The following Ruth's Healing Circles – The Reconnection
are available:

Monday, October 12,
Mo Maureen, Houston, private home
7 - 9 pm

Tuesday, October 13
Spectrum Center, Houston
6:30 - 8:00 pm

Thursday, October 22
Mo Maureen, Houston, private home,
7 - 9 pm

Friday, October 16
Rockport, Soul Center at Magnolia House
6 - 8 pm 

?Saturday, October 17
Rockport, Soul Center at Magnolia House
All day Open house

Please check my website for detailed information, flyers and upcoming events.
To schedule your personal session with Ruth:

Can‘t wait to see you all, your friends and family

Much Love
Reconnective Hugs

Some glimpses into my summer:

It has been a most extraordinary summer for me spending beautiful quality time with my children and my mother, as well as a significant amount of time in nature restoring my batteries and "renaturising" cells and metabolism. I have gained deeper insights into how nutrition affects our bodies as well as our emotional, physical and spiritual well-being. I feel happy and agile again after having tackled some health challenges.
My small apartment at the edge of the Alpes, 15 min. away from the power place of a most stunning waterfall has proven to be a healing paradise for me and to everyone coming to spend 'Golden Retreat Days' with me.

No words can express my gratitude towards this spot in the Bavarian countryside south of Munich, for its beauty and the divine guidance that brought me here.

At the same time, I am blessed to be gaining deeper understanding and insights into the global changes as well as the challenges, irritations, and fear that many of us are facing. We know we are to learn to open our hearts, to trust, and to gain greater self-understanding but we sometimes question ourselves in this respect. How can we accomplish that in a world of turmoil, with news about greed and violence while being under pressure to make a living! Gift yourself with The Reconnection and allow the Reconnective Healing Frequencies to reconnect you with source and the universal grid.

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