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NEWSLETTER October 2016

Dear friends,

I will be in Rockport from October 28th till November 6th, as well as in Houston from Oktober 17th to 22nd.
Please book your personal sessions with me ASAP. I am very much looking forward to seeing you soon!
During the summer I learned a shamanic technique, a very special kind of extremely calming foot massage, that releases prenatal stress, that most of us carry within. I would love you to try it out and feel the benefits. 


Ruth's Reconnective Healing Circles:

Monday 31st till Sunday, November 6th 
private sessions
Magnolia House - Rockport

Tuesday, November 08th
7 to 9 pm Private Home
, 1881 Bering Dr., Houston

Thursday, November 10th
7 to 8:30 pm at 
Path of Tea, Houston

Saturday, November 12th
at 2 - 4 pm at April Bui's Acupuncture & Chinese Herbal Clinic 

New Location: 9039 Katy Freeway Suite 504, Houston 77024

For more upcoming Healing Circles see

Please check my website for detailed information, flyers and upcoming events.
To schedule your personal session with Ruth: or call 832 231 1934

Can‘t wait to see you all, your friends and family

Much Love
Reconnective Hugs


It's been a very interesting year:

My friend Beverly's passing yet not fully grasped, in beautiful and welcoming Portland with wonderful people and connections, the news reaches me that mom needs heart surgery. I was back right in time for being with her while waking up after the anesthesia. Everything had gone well, most certainly not guaranteed at the age of 89 years. What a blessing.

Several health challenges popped up during the next few months of recovery and rehab. I dedicated my time to be mom's guide and companion. The most beautiful is that we were able to improve our relationship by so much -- an amazing privilege and blessing.
Last week, I moved her into a seniors' residence into her own apartment where she gets the necessary assistance, and the best of all: she seems to be happy there. She already knew 12 people that had moved into that home ahead of her. The seniors' residence offers a lot of cultural activities, and I am amazed by the friendliness and good spirit in the home. An incredible load is falling off my shoulder!

The Reconnection, videoclip by David Vaughn. What an exiting and most wonderful experience! Thank you so much David! Celebrating BeverlyD
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